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Places to spot celebrities

If you have that one celebrity that you think is doing the right thing and you would love to meet him or her, then you should start working on that. There are plenty of ways and special places where you can go and expect to see an A-lister there. But the best place to go in order to do this is to visit Hollywood. Most of the famous people and celebrities work there and visit the place on a daily basis, so you might be driving on the road right next to them or even meeting them on the street. If none of this has worked for you and you still haven't met your celebrity crush, then you should do as following.

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What to do if nothing works?

Look for certain restaurants in your area that are famous for celebrities dining and going there. In Los Angeles that would be Spago Beverly Hills, Rao's or Chateau Marmont. These are located between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the Mecca of celebrity encounters. But you will need to work hard on this, because not every day your favorite actor or musician dines there. Always follow their Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat profiles, because they might be posting pictures there that can show you where they currently are.

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Hotels are also a good idea, not in LA, but more likely New York or even Miami where they go to visit. You won't see them in LA hotels that often, because they live there and don't have a need to stay somewhere. Award shows and exclusive events are also a way for you to meet the celebrity you are in love with. It might not be as private as you imagined it, but still you get a chance to touch their hand and get a picture or autograph. Airports may also be the place you may meet him or her, but pick it wisely, because LAX is the most famous one in Los Angeles, but celebrities know that and sometimes avoid it.