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Best restaurants to meet stars

There is no person in this world that doesn't have a crush on at least one famous celebrity or star. It is just so because these people are gorgeous, talented and beautiful, so it is natural for us to fall in love with them. In case you have that one celebrity you want to meet under any circumstances, you should start working on it. There are plenty of places you can do so, there are award shows, events, premiers, hotels, roads and restaurants. The last place is the most natural one, because you are already eating there, so it does not look like you are stalking them.


The formula for a successful encounter

First of all you need to go through your favorite star's Instagram and Twitter account to see where they usually dine. Even magazines can help you with this problem. After you do so, you need to go there once, just to see what the atmosphere looks like and if you find that place a proper one for your goal. Then you can determine patterns and see on which days they go out and what the time could be. If you cannot determine all of this and need to make random visits, then there are a few places that are better for encounters.


In Hollywood and Beverly Hills, there are a few restaurants that will give you a higher opportunity of meeting stars, actors and musicians than others. Such ones would be Craig's, Ivy, Cecconi, Dan Tana in Beverly Hills and Gjelina in Santa Monica. You can also keep exploring this website to find out a few more places and restaurants where celebrities are often found. But there is one rule, don't make photos without asking and don't spoil their dinner, you can meet them at the entrance or be very polite and go to their table.

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